Medem's Yiddish-French Dictionary
Yitskhok Niborski and Bernard Vaisbrot’s 

ייִדיש־פֿראַנצײזיש װערטערבוך

Dictionnaire yiddish-français

(Yiddish-French Dictionary)

the most up-to-date Yiddish-French bi-lingual dictionary, published by the Medem Library, Paris, 2002

  • Comprehensive inclusion of all Yiddish words of Hebraic-Aramaic, Slavic, and Romance as well as of Germanic origin
  • 37,000 entries, almost double the number in Weinreich’s “Modern Yiddish-English Dictionary”
  • Simplified entries without the complicated abbreviations found in older works
  • User-friendly, allowing readers to understand a wide range of dialectal and regional terms when a strong background in Yiddish is missing
  • Yiddish words not only from literature, but from all sources of Yiddish usage.

Niborski/Vaisbrot have competently and without great fanfare provided the field with what is quite simply the best dictionary of Yiddish published thus far in the history of the field. Houra!  Jerold C. Frakes, Modern Jewish Studies 14, (2004), p. 115.