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  • Board of the American Friends of the Medem Library

    President, Robert Ambaras

    Vice President, Jack Jacobs

    Secretary, Daniel Soyer

    Treasurer, Leo Greenbaum


    and the Comprehensive Yiddish-ENglish Dictionary

    Co-Editor-in-Chief,  Solon Beinfeld

    Co-Editor-in-Chief and Technology Director, Harry Bochner

    Associate Editor, Barry Goldstein

    Associate Editor, Jeffery Salant

    Project Director, Elizabeth Kessin Berman


    Email: to contact the co-editors, email to:


    Professor Yitskhok Niborski, Medem Library, Paris, France

    Dictionary Linguists

    Alan Astro

    Ana Berman

    Harry Bochner

    Alec Burko

    Isaac Cable

    Barry Goldstein

    Rubye Monet

    Michael Rosenbush

    Jeffrey Salant

    Robert Shapiro

    Advisory Board of Yiddish-English Dictionary

    Michael Albert, Esq.

    Samuel Bak, artist

    Dr. Paul Glasser, YIVO

    Rabbi Ben-Zion Gold, Harvard University

    Professor Eugene Orenstein, McGill University

    Professor Max Ticktin, The George Washington University

    Professor Chava Turniansky, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

    Dr. Barnett Zumoff, New York  

    For information about the American Friends of the Medem Library, Inc. write to:

    Robert Ambaras, President  American Friends of the Medem Library, Inc.            

    115 East 89th Street, Suite 5A

    New York, New York 10128-1527

    TEL: (212) 348-6886  

     FAX: (212) 426-8276


    or contact:

    The Paris Yiddish Center, Medem Library at

    Maison de la Culture Yiddish,  Bibliothèque Medem

            29, rue du Chateauu d'Eau 
            75010 Paris 
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